Welcome to the Venoslim blog space! We are excited that you’ve made your way here and hope to provide you with all of the guidance, assistance, and answers that you’re looking for. As a team, we have worked hard to construct the types of topics that we’d like to cover over time, and we are sure that each of our posts will be beneficial for you to look over. Today we really just want to go over what you can expect and give you an idea of where this blog is going to be moving.


The Verju procedure is much different from other body sculpting treatments that are on the market, and that’s what makes it so incredible and worth trying. We absolutely love how non-invasive this procedure is and how it can still provide you with the incredible results that you want. Something we plan on covering quite a bit in our blog is how this procedure differs from others that claim to provide the same results. From liposuction to myths that people can try at home to “save money”, we want to cover the different subjects that are out there and show you why Verju laser treatment really is the answer.


Every body is different, which means that they react to life and its stresses differently. While so many people want a cellulite free body or to remove all of the fat from a particular part they’re self-conscious about, we very rarely understand why our body is forming the way it is or how to avoid it in the first place. This procedure is one that can provide you with incredible results, but it does require some upkeep in the future. We want to make sure that we focus on the reasons that cellulite forms in the first place, rather than just providing you with a treatment to an issue you don’t entirely understand.

The Process

Verju is incredibly different from other forms of body contouring treatments, and it can make people that are going into their first round of procedures feel a little uneasy. We want to make sure that we really break down the reasons that this process is so different and why you should try. From the difference between red and green lasers to the amount of downtime that other procedures require you to take, we plan on being an open book with the Verju process so that you can grow to feel comfortable with going through it.

We hope that you do stop by the Veroslim blog space soon and learn about the procedure that has got everyone excited.