Everyone has FAT

Fat is often thought of as bad; something that creates muffin tops and love handles, accumulating in the most undesirable of places. No one likes fat and because of the negative reputation fat receives, many people turn to treatments that eliminate fat cells altogether. With the conclusion of recent studies through, limiting your fat cells altogether may not actually be the most effective solution for the results you desire.

Fat Is Important

Although often viewed as the body’s storage terminal, fat cells actually affect many of your body’s functions. As an endocrine organ, healthy fat helps us stay lean by regulating many of the body’s essential systems that contribute to our overall health. Releasing a multitude of hormones that control our hunger, bodily functions, and our mood, healthy fat is essential for everyone. When we eat, fat secretes Leptin, which is what tells our brain that we are full.

When your fat cells become enlarged, they begin to malfunction, creating negative effects on our health, such as heart disease and numerous inflammatory disorders, as well as a fatigue and pain. Enlarged cells not only negatively affect your health, but your Leptin signal has to work overtime and your brain never gets the message that you are full, creating a vicious cycle that is hard to break away from.

Enlarged Fat Cells Are No Good

Healthy fat cells release adiponectin, a hormone that assists with removing toxic fat and allows our pancreas to produce insulin that regulates our blood sugar. Enlarged fat cells do not produce enough adiponectin, making our vital organs less efficient, storing a surplus of fat… and this is where the problem lies. Obesity can lead to poor health creating heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes, essentially forcing your body into a state of dysfunction.

What Can You Do?

Now you know that enlarged fat cells are not beneficial for your health, but how do you reset your system? Many procedures like liposuction do provide temporary results, but your fat cells will regenerate in time, and grow even larger than they were to begin with. Cutting out your fat cell is not the answer; in fact, your fat cells need to be your ally. While you can use the traditional method of diet and exercise to change the message your fat cells send to your brain, many people do not have the willpower to overcome the battle. That is why we offer Verju, to provide a simple treatment with a significant difference. Using our non-invasive, low-level laser therapy solution, you can reset your body and reduce the circumference and appearance of cellulite deposits on your body.

Your fat cells communicate to all other parts of your body through neural-connections. Using Verju, we are able to force your fat cells to release their fatty content, safely removing it from your body and lymphatic system. During this treatment process, your fat cells begin to act like healthy, lean fat cells, sending your brain the right messages and creating the right amount of adiponectin, making your results noticeable in just a short amount of time. Say goodbye to the days of hating fat, and say hello to Verju.