At Venoslim, we do not just want to provide effective treatment options, but we want you to understand the science behind what makes Verju work. Contributing to the knowledge of low-level lasers, and empowering evidence the backs our claims, it is our goal to help you understand our research and what makes our laser treatments effective when applied to living tissue. Supported by clinic research, we are proud to offer our patients an effective body contouring treatment that is safe.

Based On Evidence

We believe in providing you with the evidence of what makes laser treatments effective. Using an electromagnetic radiation chart for the basis of the theory, we were able to see that green photons produce more energy than red. While it was once believed that the only thing that did not penetrate deep into our bodies was visible light, that is no longer the case. Based on the fact that visible light contains almost 40 percent more energy that infrared light, the power of a laser has little to do with its effectiveness. Thus, when green (532nm) lasers are compared to red (635nm) lasers, it has been proven that the lower level lasers are more effective at stimulating the synthesis of collagen, modulating DNA-expressing protein, and hormone synthesis, which ultimately affects the endocrine and immune functions.

The Safest Low-Level Laser

When it was discovered that green lasers had a positive effect on fat cells, we took it upon ourselves to more closely determine different ways to affect adipocytes and the surrounding tissue. And just like that, Verju was born.

Unlike the more commonly red lasers, Verju is a green laser that is FDA-cleared for body sculpting and the reduction of cellulite. Within our pursuit to develop the most advanced non-invasive treatment option available, we found a faster and more effective method for treatment that people trust. Reducing the number of required treatments while increasing your overall inch loss, Verju is a convenient and effective method to help you achieve your body contouring goals.

Documented Results

Supported by scientific evidence, Verju is the first FDA-cleared, non-invasive, pain-free treatment with no recovery time or side effects meant to reduce the circumference of visible cellulite. Without harming the fat cells, Verju’s effectiveness is backed by countless clinical trials and studies.

We are able to provide measurable changes using the Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Definition Scale, which is based on a 10-point scale determining the severity of cellulite on each patient. When using the green photon lasers, there are only four grades of cellulite reduction which is determined by a doctor’s perception of actual reduction and an assessment that is taken after each treatment (generally every two weeks). An example of the scale is listed below:

Stage 0 – No dimpling or any visible alterations on the skin’s surface when lying down, standing, or pinching of the skin.

Stage 1 – No dimpling or visible alterations on the skin’s surface when lying down or standing. Dimples do, however, appear upon pinching or muscular contraction.

Stage 2 – Dimpling is visible when standing, but not lying down, and is obvious without any manipulation.

Stage 3 – Dimpling is visible when standing and lying down without any need for manipulation, and skin’s surface appears to be “orange peel-like”  raised in specific areas.