Imagine the part of your body that you are most self-conscious about. Whether it be your legs, your arms, or your stomach, I have a feeling that the dimples in your skin contribute to it. These small dimples known as cellulite might not be a life-changing feature, but they certainly feel like it. At Venoslim, we know that these small dimples can create some huge insecurities, and that’s why we’ve found procedures that can provide you with results that you’re comfortable with and a body you feel great in, all while being as non-invasive and gentle as possible. While the solution is all that you really want, understanding how cellulite forms is something that can make you feel better, and possibly even help you prevent it from happening down the road.

What Is Cellulite

This common condition is one where the skin appears to have areas with an underlying fat deposit. When there are multiple dimples in an area, the skin can appear to look lumpy, fatty, and grooved type of look. As we stated, this is a pretty common condition and is most visible in areas like the thighs or butt. One of the reasons that this condition is so common is because it can start to happen at a young age. For the most part, people can start seeing cellulite right after puberty has finished.

When you talk to a specialist about cellulite, they’ll break it down into three different grades:

Grade 1

This grade of cellulite shows no clinical symptoms but does show anatomical changes when examined under a microscope. This is the lowest grade of cellulite, just as the number suggests.

Grade 2

Grade 2 is a little bit more sensitive than grade 1 in that it requires your skin to be fairly pale for it to be noticed. That means that it will usually be noticed in lower temperatures or have an overall decrease in the elasticity of the skin. This is all in addition to the anatomical changes that are found through microscopic analysis.

Grade 3

The most noticeable grade of cellulite both physically and visibly is going to be grade 3. This cellulite almost has a rough feeling and look to it, similar to that of a citrus peel. Along with that, it will also have all of the symptoms that grade 2 has.

Regardless of which grade you have, the overall feeling that it gives you can be equally damaging. While there are a few ways to minimize the chances of cellulite developing, Venoslim has the quality lasers that can remove this from your lifestyle and leave you feeling as beautiful on the outside, as you feel on the inside. If you’re interested in learning more, or in scheduling a consultation, feel free to contact us today and we’ll get you taken care of.

In our next blog post, we will visit some of the causes of cellulite and how minimizing them in your life, or better understanding why they create cellulite is something that you can be more conscious of in your life.